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Android 3.0 systems, and applications in the operating experience of comfort, and no less than Apple’s ios system is the only place where the lack of applications. However, users need not worry too much about the Android 2.X systems, the accumulation of a large number of applications, not can not be transplanted to the new version Dell studio 1535 screen. Google has initiate its own reputation will be an excellent success of Google Earth products over to the Android 3.0 platform, users can now get for free from the Market on the application.

It is understood that more than 2.1 version of Google Earth, are free to upgrade to the plate for the latest version of Android 3.0, and the new version sony laptop ac adapters of the new interface, is Android 3.0 user exclusive. So remind Android 2.X users, Do not upgrade.

ARM architecture has also been tossing up plates, and now mini-integration AMD Fusion unveiled a super-flat, with Windows 7 operating system, the BTY-S11 msi battery for this flat major business markets.

MSI this plate model WindPad W110, using the current hot AMD Fusion C-350, we have reported before AMD will launch for the C series of flat-panel low-power APU, now it came.

C-350 core frequency of 1.6GHz, integrated Radeon HD 6310, with 80 stream processors, although it is common for the desktop platform, but is flat, this is a powerful product.

Radeon HD 6310 support UVD 3, can easily complete the 1080P HD video decoding, this is absolutely flat inside the top standard, is powerful to know that even the face of Blu-ray movies will be powerless Tegra.

But a bit impressive power reached 19W, but at least it has a 10.1-inch size, to accommodate large capacity battery, life should not be too bad.

It is learned that msi wind u100 drive will be paired with a tablet 32GB of SSD, and gravity sensors and light sensors to support WiFi. Operating system Windows 7 Home Premium, support for touch operation, in addition to design a SAS key, equivalent to PC’s Ctrl + Alt + Del combination of features.

In addition there is a match MSI NVIDIA Tegra 2 flat, model Windpad 100A, the system for the Android 3.0 “Honeycomb”.

Electronics Times, the launch of two new tablet test the water after a new batch of tablet Asus plans have been announced.

The first is within the next two in March, ASUS will launch a 10-inch Eee Pad Slider EP102 and a 7-inch Eee Pad MeMo EP71. Tegra 2 processor with which EP102, EP71 will use Qualcomm’s program. With the combination of these products, ASUS plans to reach 200 million by 2011 shipments of flat-panel machine asus eee ac adapter.

In addition, according to industry sources, Asustek also plans to introduce built-in NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 quad-core processors and Intel CPU’s flat, the system is unknown, but at least there will be a flat Android.

Tegra 3 processor at this year’s MWC 2011 has already been demonstrated, this code Kal-El’s quad-core System on Chip SoC will integrate the 12 execution units GeForce GPU graphics core, supports 3D stereo, and support ultra-high-definition 2560 × 1600 resolution, five times the overall performance called Tegra 2.

According to Retrovo, a major online shopping site, there are many Netbook users who are less than enamoured by Microsoft’s latest operating system (Laptop System Board).

The problem lies in the fact that Windows 7 starter edition was never meant to be a saviour for the laptop keyboard Netbook anyway, not if Microsoft and others have their way.

Retrovo’s blog post entitled “is Microsoft trying to kill the netbook market” says it all. Retrovo analysed responses from over 1000 users and the overwhelming response is crystal clear.

More than half the users in the survey, sixty one percent in total, were unaware of the fact that they had limitations with Windows 7 starter edition that they didn’t have with Windows XP.

This figure is somewhat surprising Laptop Memory actually as Microsoft hasn’t tried to keep that fact hidden; indeed they have openly said that Windows 7 starter edition won’t be able to do everything.

The problem seems to lie in the fact that most of the new netbooks laptop lcd screen on sale are running with the starter edition and upgrading to the more sophisticated Windows 7 Home Premium version is going to cost somewhere in the region of $80, something than many are not happy to pay.

“I think most users will feel angry with having to pay the $80 for an upgrade to get those features,” said Andrew Eisner, a director with Retrovo.

Eisner also reckons that the whole affair could cause more bad feeling towards Laptop Hard Drives Microsoft. One thing that Microsoft may not have anticipated if their intention was to kill off Netbooks was the possibility that their actions might turn users towards Linux, a free open sourced operating system.

Latest reports are predicting that Linux Netbooks could grab over 30 percent of the share of netbook sales in this year alone and that isn’t good news for Microsoft.

So far Microsoft haven’t commented on Retrovo’s study laptop battery directly but have referred to a statement they put out nine months ago in February.

“Small notebook PCs can run any version of Windows 7. For OEMs that build lower-cost small notebook PCs, Windows 7 Starter will now be available in developed markets,” said Microsoft according to a report in PC world.

“For the most enhanced, full-functioning Windows experience on small acer laptop ac adapter notebook PCs, however, consumers will want to go with Windows 7 Home Premium, which lets you get the most out of your digital media and easily connect with other PCs.”

So what do you think? Is Microsoft effectively trying to crush the Netbook and if they are, will the Netbook fight back through Linux?

Since NVIDIA and its partners went out of their way to supply the market with a massive stream of GeForce GTX 460 DirectX 11-capable graphics cards, custom PC makers have already started to make their move.Laptop batteries, Now that a mainstream Fermi card exists, gamers need only start on their new configuration if they feel a simple graphics card upgrade is not enough. No doubt those with reasonable hardware know-how will be eager to make their own PC. For those that want the work done for them, someone has already updated a pair of systems, and has even prepared a 3D laptop.

The Paladin E370 is one of the two desktops that the company has set up. Its base configuration runs on an Intel Core i5-750 central processing unit, has 4GB of RAM, a 24x DVD-CD/RW Combo Drive. A 500GB HDD and, of course, one GeForce GTX 460. The starting price is of $843. The second system, the Paladin F860, is more powerful, and the price of $1,849 is sheer proof of that in itself. For that amount of money, enthusiasts get a GTX 460, an Intel Core i7-930 CPU, a 1TB HDD, an 8x External DVD+-RW Burner and 6GB of RAM.

The other major announcement that iBuyPower made is, as already mentioned, about a new high-end mobile PC with a 15.6-inch HD screen (1366 x 768 pixels) capable of displaying 3D images. The laptop has a Core i5 or Core i7 at its heart, as well as 8GB of RAM and a hard disk drive with a capacity of 750GB. A 512GB SSD is also available as an option. Other specifications include a dvd burners drive, the NVIDIA GTX285 discrete dell xps m2010 video card, the obligatory 3D Vision package and the Windows 7 Home Premium Laptop System Board.

Nokia E90, Nokia Zeng many fans crazy, super-luxurious configuration, features fantastic cast a machine powerful business features, the aircraft owned by the perfect mobile office functionality that allows users to enjoy anytime dreambox 500s , anywhere business and personal entertainment needs, plus it uses the side of the opening and closing means, have both inside and outside the two-color screen and QWERTY keyboard, which are for its dominance has laid a solid foundation dreambox 800. Currently, as in the new digital phone offer is only 1850 yuan, interested friends may wish to pay attention on.

Mobile phone standard GSM, WCDMA
Presentation style flip side
Dimensions 132 × 57 × 20mm
The main screen size of 4 inches
The main screen resolution of 800 × 352
The main screen type TFT
Colors black, red, brown
3.2 million pixel camera specifications
Network mode 3G WCDMA (China Unicom)
Support band GSM 850/900/1800/1900
330 hours standby time
OS Symbian 9.2 S60 3.1 (S60 third edition FP1)
Mini USB v2.0 Interface mode
Infrared wireless technology, Bluetooth, WIFI
MicroSD memory card expansion card
Chinese input support
Gravity sensor -
Technical features 4-inch main screen, flip side

Apart from maintenance of site iFixit, semiconductor 90W PA-10 industry analyst UBM TechInsights also recently conducted a dismantling of the iPhone 4 and a comparison with the iPad. They concluded from the comparison, iPad may also prepare the original number of built-axis gyroscope chips. Built-in iPhone 4 gyroscope is a new feature of the hardware, but not yet used as 02K6576 the sensor software, you can have any effect in the end it is almost unknown. In short, iPhone accelerometer has been determined there are three axis linear acceleration, while the gyroscope is measured is the angular velocity, a combination of both to achieve more complete and accurate BTY-S11 the motion sensor. Jobs in the conference as a demonstration, when the hand-held iPhone 4 week, body rotation, the on-screen objects will subsequently turn, which in any one of the only accelerometer motion sensing capabilities of the products are not possible of.

TechInsights found in the dismantling, apple laptop battery iPhone 4 figures gyroscope MEMS Xbox 360 chips manufactured by STMicroelectronics, the location of the motherboard next in accelerometer chip. In the iPad motherboard, side accelerometer is also just a idle air welding position, although the pin layout and STMicroelectronics gyroscope chips are different, but just right for the company from InvenSense, in addition to extra-market means ThinkPad X40 the only article figure gyroscope chips. From this point of view, Apple is likely planned to use in the iPad InvenSense gyroscope chips, but at the last moment I do not know what acer laptop battery reason to give up the plan.