ARM architecture has also been tossing up plates, and now mini-integration AMD Fusion unveiled a super-flat, with Windows 7 operating system, the BTY-S11 msi battery for this flat major business markets.

MSI this plate model WindPad W110, using the current hot AMD Fusion C-350, we have reported before AMD will launch for the C series of flat-panel low-power APU, now it came.

C-350 core frequency of 1.6GHz, integrated Radeon HD 6310, with 80 stream processors, although it is common for the desktop platform, but is flat, this is a powerful product.

Radeon HD 6310 support UVD 3, can easily complete the 1080P HD video decoding, this is absolutely flat inside the top standard, is powerful to know that even the face of Blu-ray movies will be powerless Tegra.

But a bit impressive power reached 19W, but at least it has a 10.1-inch size, to accommodate large capacity battery, life should not be too bad.

It is learned that msi wind u100 drive will be paired with a tablet 32GB of SSD, and gravity sensors and light sensors to support WiFi. Operating system Windows 7 Home Premium, support for touch operation, in addition to design a SAS key, equivalent to PC’s Ctrl + Alt + Del combination of features.

In addition there is a match MSI NVIDIA Tegra 2 flat, model Windpad 100A, the system for the Android 3.0 “Honeycomb”.